Rat control London

Fantastic service – we are finally rat free!

“After 15+ years of dealing with numerous problems because of a bad rat infestation in the foundations of our house, we called Pestology for a survey. The man was extremely knowledgeable and immediately identified the root of the problem – the rats were entering through the sewer pipes. Within 3 days the rat-proofing was completed and after a few days we could no longer hear rats gnawing under our floorboards. Even better, the awful rodent smell had gone. Although Pestology may not be the cheapest company, they are the best. It is worth every penny to finally get rid of the rodents. Over the years we have wasted money on pest-control companies who have not had a clue and simply put poison down. The rats would eat the poison and die under the floorboards. For the next few weeks the smell of a decaying rat almost made us leave home! We cannot recommend Pestology highly enough – if you want a rat problem dealt with, properly, they are the only company you should contact.”

Sam Richmond