Rat control Rochester

The best service ever for pest control

“I have a pretty large home and recently we were experiencing a horrible in flux of rodents, mice. Being totally terrified of them, over a course of a few months, I engaged 3 different pest control companies. Not one of them were able to solution the problem, as all they did was place poison in critical positions in my property. As the problem persisted, I researched some more and came across pestology. All I can say is if you have a rodent problem they are the company to engage. Pestology came in and went straight to the source. In my case as the problem was mice, pestology carefully, strategically and professionally, found every point of entrance into my home. They then reinforced these points with their special wire, and in some cases around the property, re plastered the areas. They took 5 days to totally clear, permanently remove the rodent problem. We have completely got rid of the problem, courtesy of pestology. They are a professional team who have expert knowledge of these rodents. I could not be happier they are the best in the business. Thank you Pestology for giving me my home back. In addition, I was handed a detailed report of the work that was carried out!”

Jennifer Dyer-Sim