Think like a rat & create options in life

A rat’s life is very survival-focused – max life span is going to be 18 months-odd in the wild so they need to hustle if they want to get to adult size and get some babies done before the end comes to be.

This short window of opportunity combined with a life that is designed (by their maker) to be competitive means a focus on survival dominates your day-to-day thought process – any day-dreaming on the job and you’re unlikely to see tea time.

Being down the lower end of the food chain in life also doesn’t help.

The rat greatly increases its chances of survival by always having options in its approach to life – in essence ‘Plan B’s, C’s & D’s’.

Should Plan A fizz out then these extra options kick in and allow the rat to meet its objective and its this meeting of objectives that then ensures survival.

Lets look at some examples to illustrate…

None of the usual food available today?
No problem – the rat will have already stored food in secret locations much like a squirrel ready for just such an occasion.

Bored of the usual food today?
Rats can be quite the predator when the mood takes with chicks, lizards, mice and birds on all known targets; even catching fish with their paws in true Grizzly style.

Unhappy with your place in life’s food chain?
Attacks on immobile infants & adullts are well reported.

Entrance to your home is blocked?
No problem – the rat will already have created several secondary exits which then work as back doors to regain access.

Changed your mind about the father of your children?
No problem – female rats already start mating again within 48 hours after giving birth.

Changed your mind about the mother of your children?
No problem – male rats impregnate female after female without pause, apology or reflection.

Problems getting pregnant?
Lucky I’ve got a clear week – female rats can mate as many as 500 times with eagerly competing males.

Not sure you want to be a mum anymore?
Nothing wrong with that – just have litters in the same nest as other mother rats and they’ll rear them for you without judgement.

With options in life you can keep going when the norm ceases to be – they provide instant adaptation to challenges.

Regardless of its adversities, the rat is therefore best positioned to survive and carry on so if you want to get the better of it then deal with a company that truly understands their strategy – contact Pestology.