Rat poison kills rats, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem – preventing the rats entering in the first place. That’s why you need Pestology!

The aim of rat poison is to kill rats – it doesn’t care where they came from or why they are here; it gives no consideration to cause and no thought to long term.

It just wants the rat dead and parks its intent there.

Rat poison isn’t the solution

Poisoning rats was man’s solution once he grew tired of chasing them with a shovel – the bait does the work for him and he can focus on tackling the other challenges in life.

Man came up with this solution a very long time ago and over the centuries the poisons have changed and so too have the rats response and behaviour to them.

These days rat poisons have evolved to be chronic acting and requiring multiple feeds as well as containing Bitrex, mould inhibitors, fluorescent dyes and more to up the ante in the man versus rat arms race.

Bottom line is it won’t solve the problem – it will just treat the symptoms.

Rat poison vs rat infestation

Rats infest buildings when certain conditions apply – the rat has a need (shelter & warmth) and the building infrastructure facilitates it (drain defect, hole above ground, etc.)

Whilst those conditions remain, the rats will always be there – any you kill off through using rat poison are simply replaced with others.

If you want a permanent fix, rat poison isn’t the way, you have to deny the rats needs by tackling the building infrastructure deficits – this is the only way to resolve your rat problem.

Rat poison won’t fix your rat problem

Rat poison kills rats by causing them to haemorrhage internally in order to slowly slip them into a coma and ultimately death. Poisoned rats tend to die ‘in their beds’ when this process begins and for these scenarios this means in your building fabric.

So aside from a short-sighted approach, rat poisons also cause powerful decomposition smells and huge blow fly infestations as a by-product.

That’s assuming the rats eat the rat poison you introduce – generally the rats won’t eat the poison, plus certain populations have developed high resistance levels to some of the actives used in rat poison so you may just end up feeding them.

Pestology doesn’t use rat poison in any of our rat control works as we understand they have no role in fixing these problems. We believe in permanent solutions and leave rat poison to the unprofessionals.

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