rat traps and why rat traps aren’t the solution

Rat traps trap the rats that are getting into your building but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem – preventing the rats entering in the first place. That’s why you need Pestology!

Rat traps catch rats right?

Well that’s the intention but you’d be surprised at how ineffective they are at trapping rats when used in the real world.

At best you catch a small percentage of the total population of rats in your rat traps – the young rats, the not-so-smart rats, the blind rats, etc.

The rat has evolved over many millennia to evade threats such as rat traps in ways that we humans just can’t understand.

Rat traps aren’t the solution

Once you see infra-red video footage of rats weaving in and out of a carpet of rat traps in a pitch black roof void with pin point accuracy, you start to see that these creatures perceive their environment in a completely different way to us

Humans are visionary creatures, we look for things in the life that may cause us harm and our eyes are our primary resource to do this as we tend to be out and about in the day

Rats are olfractory – they ‘see’ their world through smell and touch and the visionary side of things really isn’t in their ‘picture’ which works well for them in pitch black drains or at night in roof voids especially when avoiding a carpet of rat traps.

Their level of sensitivity to their environment is incredible and its this that ultimately ensures their survival – they are immediately aware of any changes that occur to it or any objects introduced to it and know to stay well away, such as a carpet of rat traps in a roof void!

Rat traps vs rat infestation

And what is trapping rats on its own going to achieve anyway? Rats don’t randomly infest buildings – the rats are there because there are issues within the building fabric below and above ground that allow the rats to get in because the building fabric offers shelter and warmth.

If these environmental factors which allowed the rats to occupy the area in the first place are still in place, then more rats will simply replace those rats trapped as all rats out there will be facilitated to do this in the same way and for the same reason.

Solving the issue without the need to use rat traps

Pestology successfully solves rat ingress into building fabrics all day every day through directly tackling these factors that are facilitating the infestation in the first place without using rat traps.

We don’t need to use rat traps because we tackle the root cause to prevent the rats from getting into the building in the first place – and that is the only way to fix the problem once and for all.

Pestology specialise in rat ingress into building fabrics

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