rat control simply controls rats

Rat Control is not necessarily what you want to do, you want to eliminate the rats completely. That’s why you need Pestology!

Rat control is exactly what baits and traps does, it controls the level of rat infestation. This means rat control either reduces the number of rats down to ‘acceptable’ levels or it removes it for temporary periods.

Rat control is obviously not a permanent solution and what you need to do is eradicate the rats completely.

This is what Pestology does, it eliminates rat problems.

We focus on determining the root causes of any given rat infestation and then tackling these directly – ergo, rat control by thorough rat elimination.

This may be a larger investment but you will find that one permanent solution is much more cost effective than ongoing rat control.

snap trap can cause suffering

Rat control is not the solution

Whenever rats enter a building fabric the root cause is nearly always issues or defects on the drainage system.

Rattus norvegicus, the common rat, lives in the drains and will move from pipe to building fabric where an opportunity arises. Rats can get in from uncapped pipes, breaks, bad pipe joints, etc.

Whilst there is plenty of food for rats within the waste system, it’s not a great place to raise kids so female rats in particular will seek the warm and secluded environment that your wall cavity, floor cavity or roof void comfortably provides.

The rat will then have her litter of 9 to 12 young rats and wean these in your building over 4 to 5 weeks returning to the sewer daily to feed herself over this period.

The only way to end this scenario and properly ‘control the rats’ permanently is to do the necessary works to keep the rats in the drains.

Poor rat welfare considerations
Glue boards are a live capture method so have poor rat welfare considerations

Properly control the rats by preventing their entry in the first place

Controlling rats through preventative entry is not as easy as you may initially think. Waste systems are complex environments, often misunderstood and usually very difficult to fully view or inspect.

Aside from excellent drainage knowledge, to properly control rat infestation you need to understand how buildings are built, how drainage works, how building designs have changed from decade to decade and of course, to possess an excellent knowledge of rats and how they behave.

You then need to know exactly what you are looking for and have the correct equipment to investigate further.

Only when you have a complete picture of the problem can you devise a permanent solution.

As expert pest control and rat control experts, Pestology have this covered. It is what we do, we specialist in preventing rat ingress into buildings.

Rat control done properly by the rat control experts, Pestology

We are well-resourced with the best CCTV & drainage equipment available and our directly employed drainage surveyors and pest control engineers do this all day, every day.

We are hugely experienced in a way that standard pest control companies just aren’t and we never look to just ‘control’ any rat infestation, our only objective is to eliminate the rats altogether.


Rat poison kills rats, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem – preventing rats getting in in the first place.



Rat traps trap the rats which are getting into our building but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem.



Rat repellent doesn’t stop rats getting into your home or building.



Rat bait is designed to kill rats. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just prevent the rats getting in in the first place?



Rat infestation can be alarming, but don’t worry, we can bring an end to your rat infestation.



Stop rats coming into your living areas and accessing the building fabric


Pestology is a trusted trader for rat control