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Rats in loft.

5.0 rating
August 11, 2019

Had rats in my loft intermittently over the last few years. Had drains examined by camera but nothing found. Came across Pestology so called them in. I was most impressed with the expertise shown and the technology used to examine my drains.
A one way valve has been fitted which should cure the problem. I highly recommend this firm. Have put in two trail cameras in the loft to monitor things.


Problem solved!

5.0 rating
July 28, 2019

We were at our wits end, having tried all the usual suspects, Rentokil, the council, Thames water and others and wasted our money, when we stumbled upon the Pestology website. It sounded really good so we gave them a call. They were brilliant, we can honestly say they never give up, coming back several times until they find the solution. Gulliver and the team were very efficient, quick to reply to messages and emails, always turning up on time. We have no hesitation in recommending them. What they say on their website is all true and we can’t thank them enough


No more rats!

5.0 rating
July 21, 2019

We had tried a lot of different ways of getting rid of the rats we could hear scratching away in our ceiling: the council, pest control, Thames Water. No one did anything to help solve the underlying problem of how the rats were getting in. As soon as we spoke to Pestology we knew they were the people we needed. Everyone from the company was professional; the customer service was excellent and, obviously, best of all, they got rid of the rats. Thanks guys!


Rats under floorboards

5.0 rating
July 21, 2019

Having had this problem for a number of years, dealing with several pest control companies, the council and Thames Water, Pestology have (hopefully) solved are problem. They are the only company we have worked with who genuinely focus on finding the point of entry and sealing it (no easy task in our case), whereas others seem to go for the ‘poison and trap’ approach. They have experienced staff using excellent technology – and their communications are good. No hesitation whatsoever in recommending them.

Andrew Fairhurst

Infestation under floorboards

5.0 rating
May 26, 2019

Pestology is a very professional and impressive company. Initial indications are that their system has worked, and it certainly looks like they have solved our problem. Their Comms are excellent too.

Mike Bluestone
Excellent service. Highly rated. Had problems with rats in my loft for a few years. Had other firms camera the drains to no avail. Called in Pestology and things improved no end. The attitude and technical expertise of the personal was excellent.Highly recommend this firm.
Pestology came to see us in Autumn 2018. I left the review a good long while to give their work an excellent test. They were excellent when they originally came, the remedial work was very well done and tidy. And... I haven’t heard any more sounds or smells of rats or mice in the house since. I still have my phobia though, it will take a long time to get over that, the slightest noise when the house creaks or the squirrels or magpies get on the conservatory roof and I panic for a bit in case it’s a rodent. But at least I’m not leaving the light on all night any more.
Thank goodness for Pestology. Gulliver has been an absolute godsend. My husband and I were at our wits' end with a rodent crisis that had lasted over 18 months. The rats were running riot inside our wall cavities, waking us up night after night. An initial local pest control firm insisted on using poison which only led to the rodents dying in our walls, horrendous stenches and even maggots falling through our bathroom air vent at one point. We had some relief when Thames Water closed up a hole in a pipe nearby (which the rats must have been using to get access to our walls from underground). But when the problem started up again, Thames Water couldn’t find any other holes. It was a real mystery. Environmental Health, although very willing to help, were unable to find the source of the problem either. We felt totally helpless. I found Pestology on Google and was utterly impressed with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism right from the very first visit to our home. They carried out multiple thorough investigations with underground cameras and sensors, were always happy to answer plenty of my questions, were great listeners and totally understood what we were dealing with.Gulliver even made several trips to our house before or after his shifts just so that he could do additional checks, or put in place an extra valve in the sewer to keep rodents out. He always had another idea, another strategy to try, and never lost hope. He conceded at one point that we had the most challenging case he had ever come across in his career - but he never gave up on us.Thankfully, his detective work and various rat-proof measures paid off. We have had a silent house for months now and I cannot tell you how happy we are!Thank you Pestology!read more
Well where to start with Pestology!! They are without a shadow of a doubt the best in the pest control business. We had a rat problem under our extension. I’d had two other companies come in and both said they could lay bait and traps and would get rid of them. The problem with that for me was I wanted them gone PERMANENTLY. I did not want to be back to square one three months down the line with more bait etc. I wanted to know how they were getting in and how they could be stopped from coming in!!Gulliver from Pestology came and did an extensive survey of the whole property. He looked at all our drains and water system and everything that lead under the extension and then gave us a clear quote for the work to hopefully the get rid of the problem permanently.Darius and Pavel spent 5 days with me. They pulled up the whole floor to my extension to carry out the work and I have to say they were fantastic. They worked so hard, turned up when they said they would and were respectful both to myself and to my home. They also kept me informed every step of the way as to what they were doing. They knew exactly what they were doing and the outcome we were trying to achieve and I had no concerns at all. After the work was complete they then followed up with two visits over the next two weeks to check that all was well. It’s early days for us but I am as hopeful as I can be that the issue has been sorted and I’m pretty certain that there isn’t another company out there that could have carried out the work Pestology did. These are not your standard Pest Controllers!! Pestology are not the cheapest out there but you get what you pay for and Pestology were worth every penny we paid. Don’t bother looking anywhere else.read more
From the first contact with Pestology I found them very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. They offered advice free of charge without any pressure to commit. The work undertaken was professional and expertly delivered. We have been completely satisfied and so far are rodent free. I would recommend these guys in future
We have had an issue with rats in the cavity walls for over 18 months, and been through several different companies who have all given different views on the cause and entry points. Pestology were the most recent of these, but immediately stood out for the detailed explanation of possible entry points, detailed analysis of the plans of the house and photos of building work and a thorough report. When they came to do the suggested works, the engineer was very helpful, identified additional possibilities and dealt with them and again gave clear explanations of what and why these might work.Very very impressed, and wish we had used them the first time when we first had the problem.
Our rat issue started with an uncapped drain leftover from our ground floor extension. After using all the usual pest and drainage companies, 6 years later we found Pestology who were the ONLY company who were able to solve the problem. The remedial works were big for us and involved liaising with both neighbours as root cause was located on both boundaries. Pestology managed the entire process professionally and swiftly. They were knowledgeable, polite, courteous, clean and tidy and treated our house with respect. This was also extended to our neighbours. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
We wasted time and money on "regular" pest control who could not resolve the underlying cause of our ongoing rat problem. Thames Water were also unable to identify it.We spent months not being able to work out how on earth they were getting in until Pestology's patient, persistent and methodological approach eventually uncovered an issue with our soil stack at the back of the house. After drilling a hole in the stack and sticking a camera down, it was clear that the bend in the clay pipe underneath the patio was significantly broken. Finally! A breakthrough. And an explanation for a damp problem as a bonus.The patio was dug up to excavate the old pipe and put in a new piece. Evidence of burrowing was uncovered. The hole was filled back in, concreted and the paving stones replaced (remarkably, completely unscathed). He even washed our patio afterwards!I'm writing this two weeks later and we hope this has fixed the problem - I suppose only time will tell. This was far from a straightforward diagnosis but all 3 members of staff who visited us were polite, professional, skilled and knowledgeable. If you're pulling your hair out about pests like we were, I would 100% recommend Pestology.read more
After having spent a ridiculous amount of money on 3 local companies in Coventry and the problem of our 'unwanted furry friends' only worsening, my husband and I decided to explore further afield. We came across Pestology in London. We really were at our wits end by this point and were willing to try anything. For an initial nominal fee, Pestology came to our house and assessed the property - they were thorough and they knew their stuff (unlike the other companies we had experienced, who had only placed poison and traps). Although their fee was more than the other companies we had used, they were WORTH EVERY PENNY. They did an incredible job...they came on a Thursday whilst we were still on holiday, we returned the following day on the Friday. To my utter amazement, ALL THE RATS HAD GONE!!!! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY ENOUGH, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE (Like I did)! I have waited almost a year to leave this review as I wanted to make sure that we were clear of the rats. I am still discovering some of the work the company did as part of their service. Every single hole/gap behind sinks/floorboards/doors, however tiny, was taken care of. I can't thank this company enough, they did a fantastic job!read more
Pestology offer a service that deals with the route causes of rat infestation without resorting to ineffective and unsafe poisoning methods. Pestology investigated then explained the issue in our property and repaired the damage to our drain which was where the rats were coming from. We are now free of hearing any scratches and are very pleased with the professional service Pestology provided. I recommend Pestology to solve any rat problem.
They were so professional and said they would be at me at 8am and they were! Very impressive
Not only have we have been very impressed with all Pestology's staff, who are very thorough and hard-working, and a pleasure to deal with, but they appear to have cured all our rat and oppressive sewer smell problems. Having spent a couple of thousand pounds on a cowboy about three years ago which cured nothing, what Pestology have now done seems a bit like magic. Thank you Pestology. You deserve your five stars.
Highly recommend Pestology. Definitely the best experts in this field.
The team are very responsive and worked efficiently and quickly to solve a rat issue that other pest companies had been unable to fix. They address the root cause, rather than looking to just bait and hope the problem goes away. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone struggling with rodents.
Great guys and a great service. We had an issue which was dealt with in a calm and professional way. Highly recommend these guys.
We used Pestology to help rid of a pest problem in our house. We tried two other firms and the council before finding Pestology online. The approach taken in terms of the survey of the problem was a lot more detailed and comprehensive than the other firms we tried and identified a need to block our sewer entry point. That was done and solved the problem. Unfortunately the problem came back but so did Pestology and found another entry point by our drive. Once that was done the problem was gone and hopefully will never come back. The restoration of the drive didn't work well though as the concrete didn't dry properly. Once we alerted Pestology they came back and happily did it again.In summary, having tried a number of firms Pestology was the only firm which could actually fix our issue and they also provided excellent customer service. I would happily recommend them to anyone.P, North West London
I can only say what a pleasure it was working with Pestology right from the initial email. Efficient, Professional and extremely well mannered and courteous staff who know exactly what they are doing. Wish we'd used them years ago and not wasted money on poisons and traps! Many Thanks - Chesham resident.
Quick and efficient service - we had squirrels in the loft, and although their traps didn't catch any, they properly secured the holes in the roof from the outside, involving a day of scaffolding and climbing about on our roof, which none of the other pest companies we had in the past attempted to do. So far so good... we haven't heard any more little feet scratching around above us yet! Very much recommended.
Gulliver has been amazing not only is he very calming in a stressful situation but he really knows his subject. We would not hesitate in recommending Pestology to anyone with rat or mice problems