We identify the source of the rat infestation to ensure our solution works and help get rid of rats and the rat infestation

Getting rid of rats is much like getting rid of most things in life – you have to work out how the problem arose in the first place – in this case the source of the rat infestation.

This is about establishing root cause – that way you get permanent relief rather than just a ‘band-aid’ fix to the rat problem.

If you simply react to the rats being there by killing the rats (i.e. rat traps, rat bait etc.) then root cause isn’t tackled and new rats simply replace those removed.

It’s the difference between rat control and rat elimination – we are not abating symptoms here, we are directly addressing why the rat problem has occurred and therefore eliminating the rat issue.

However working out root cause for why rats are in any given building is not always as straightforward as it seems primarily because the rats aren’t usually coming in from an above ground area.

It’s nearly always the drainage below ground that’s causing the rat infestation issue.

Get rid of rats - pest controller

Get rid of rats by knowing how they get in

Identifying the cause of the rat issue is not something most people can see without a drain camera and a knowledge of rats and drainage in general. It is very easy to draw the wrong conclusion of the source of the rat infestation when looking around the building or above ground.

In addition it takes much more than a drain camera and an understanding of drainage – you need to understand rat ecology and rat capability as well as building construction and architectural history before you have the fully rounded intel required to crack these rat infestation scenarios.

That’s why drainage contractors and construction contractors usually fail at getting rid of rats.

Get rid of rats - CCTV camera

Get rid of rats by calling in the experts!

At Pestology we are unique in getting rid of rats as we have the capability to always accurately conclude on the right root cause of the rat infestation and then also ensure comprehensive rat control intervention measures are put in place to tackle it.

Our surveyors are both accredited drainage engineers, pest controllers and rat experts. They also have an understanding of construction and architectural history too not to mention an un-matched experience of rat control as they do this all day, every day – to look at how rats have got into buildings and get rid of rats.

Our rat control teams also have the best rat detection kit they need to get the insight into the rat problem and is often what others can’t see.

Pestology is therefore uniquely and consistently able to get rid of rats.

There is no luck involved – we just simply understand how the rats behave, what the rats are capable of, why rats enter buildings, how rats enter buildings, how buildings are built, what to look for, what to check for, have the equipment/ability to do so and, in general, what to do.

We are rat specialists and rat experts in this area so let us help you get rid of the rats by properly identifying and dealing with root cause.

Pestology is a trusted trader for getting rid of rats