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Thanks Pestology!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

Had a rodent issue that was proving hard to solve but all boxes were ticked off and we got there. Greg was excellent! Gulliver came out to examine too – very impressive guy.


Thanks to Greg

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

Had a problem with rats entering the roof and Greg came round to do a survey and then returned to solve the problem. He was friendly and with the help of Martin has given us our home back! Thanks very much


Thanks for Adam

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

Although we have been charged too much for the pestology service, I would still like to give 5 stars to say thanks for Adam, who did a great work, he has been brilliant, reliable and highly professional. I am happy from the job he did. Thanks Adam 😊


Rat begone underneath my home

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

Pestology really did solve the problem of rats gaining access underneath my home and causing me much distress !!! They were very thorough and professional, and I would highly recommend them. Don’t bother with pest control ; get to the route of the problem with Pestology.

Laura van Bilderbeek

100% worth it

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

We had numerous pest companies in due to a rat issue we were experiencing for around 1 year (they were getting under the floorboards and keeping us up at night). None of them were able to resolve the issue and one company even said thats what you have to deal with if you live in London. Pestology provided a survey and completed the works shortly after and so far so good (I have waiting 4 months before posting this). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys, especially considering how much we wasted on the alternatives which end up being a total waste of money.


Expensive but good

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

We have struggled with rats in cavity walls for several years. This is our second call-out as we live in a terraced house and just doing the work on our house alone did not solve the issue. Krzysztof Tryba did a second thorough survey and revealed that some roof proofing had not been finished to the required standard. This has been actioned at no further cost. We have now had rat flaps installed in all three manholes of our terrace and the whole lower roofline proofed. Rafal did a fantastic job despite the atrocious weather. The one thing I would recommend to the company is to think about worker safety a bit more. I think jobs should be done in pairs as it often involves working at height and I slippery conditions. Time will tell whether we have got rid of the rodents altogether.

Jane & Bill

Experts in their field

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

Rats had entered under the floor of our new extension via an unseen external disused gulley. We researched many companies and chose Pestology. Gulliver, the owner, an ecologist, came out and carefully explained what had happened and why and how they were going to fix the problem. Mike carried out a drains survey. Kristian internally sealed the house and a second Kristian dug out the floor and created a new drain and manhole cover. Frankly, we were horrified at having to have this work done in our home and suffered from sleepless nights thinking about it. The team, and our flooring company, did a totally excellent job – so much better than we ever imagined. These guys are knowledgeable; pleasant; funny; hard working and a pleasure to have in your home. If you have a rat problem call them.

Mr & Mrs M

The end of a ten year nightmare

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

A friend recommended Pestology as a solution to our problem and the combination of technology and experienced staff has ended a ten year nightmare. We were impressed that following the initial work the company were as determined as us to see an end to the problem. The outcome has been well worth the considerable investment required.

Professor Andrew Miller

Pestology are simply the Best

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

I thought it was time to write a review about Pestology. Having been clear of rats since May 2021, It was time to say well done Pestology and thank you so much for everything. I knew Gulliver when he was at a previous company and have a lot of respect for him. I lost contact and used other companies however this was money down the drain. Gulliver and his team came out and assessed the situation and because they have top of the range equipment they identified quickly the entrance point into our home where the rats were going. For four years on and off we have suffered from constant noises but I am so pleased to say that has all gone. Pestology fixed the problem which has made our lives so much better so if you are suffering from these nasty rodents, Pestology is the company to contact.

Julie Rowe

Top class service

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

Just had the internal work done by Christian. He was prompt, efficient, unobtrusive and thorough – couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Christian.

Janet Bott

Highly recommend

Rated 5 out of 5
January 11, 2022

The agent, whose name i believe is Adam, was patient with me and professional in his work by explaining it and showing me. I thought he was only going to rodent proof the bedroom as that’s where I hear them, but he proof living areas where there are holes. Thank you!


Great work, fixed the problem

Rated 5 out of 5
January 11, 2022

I had a longstanding problem of rats under the house, which other experts were unable to solve. After a comprehensive survey, Pestology proposed a solution and the problem now seems to be fixed. Not cheap but sometimes you get what you pay for. Very professional service and very hardworking.


Christian from pestology is great!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 21, 2021

Pestology visited my home today to seek out any entry points for the rats which have been in the cavity walls for some time! Christian is great, super helpful, efficient and polite! Couldn’t be better!!


Solving long standing rat issues

Rated 5 out of 5
December 20, 2021

I would highly recommend Pestology for any issues regarding rats on your property. Their knowledge is second to none and they investigated our ongoing problem thoroughly, explaining everything as they went. All operatives are punctual, polite, understanding and hardworking. The quality of the proofing work undertaken, both outside and inside our property, is just excellent. Pestology have a professional pride in wanting to solve your rat problem for good so you don’t feel so helpless.
They are a great firm.

Diane Baker

Advice given

Rated 5 out of 5
December 7, 2021

Unsure if I had mice or rats,had a survey which was very professional,given very honest advice and would highly recommend this company

D tibbals

Rat invasion in loft space

Rated 5 out of 5
December 7, 2021

Have never had such a brilliant workforce come to my property
Kris came and surveyed and immediately knew where the were coming from and also found other faults with the imaging pictures
I was given a quote for the work required but was put under no pressure to accept
I agreed to have the work done as I have tried other companies over the last 2 years and the rats came back and I was desperate to get rid
Only a few weeks later from the survey a date was agreed and first an internal sealer Jarek spent the day finding small holes copper meshing and sealing in all rooms of my bungalow
He was very thorough and a pleasant man
Then came the outside work with Jack who was brilliant
He had to do the work over 3 days and managed through the worst weather conditions this winter -2 degrees biting winds and then the snow
He knew his job inside out and was very profess in all the outside areas
He has now just left on a Sunday to drive back to London again in the snow
I cannot fault their work and would definitely recommend 100% and I know if there is any further problem they will return to sort it
Well done guys

Sue Johnson

Look no further than Pestology

Rated 5 out of 5
November 16, 2021

I’ve never been compelled in my life to write a review, however, Pestology have changed all that. If like us you have the awful sound of rats in your roof or walls, then call Pestology and nobody else. Polite, professional and understanding of how drains are constructed, how rats behave and how to fix the problem. Gulliver and team are quite frankly the best in the business, no bait, no nonsense, just old fashioned good customer service from start to finish.

John Huband

Solved our rodent problem

Rated 5 out of 5
November 8, 2021

Pestology were very helpful and solved our rodent issue. We had used another company but unfortunately they had been unable to find the source of the infestation. It’s fair to say that Pestology aren’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Very efficient and good comms throughout. Definitely recommend them.

Mark Bower

100% recommend

Rated 5 out of 5
October 7, 2021

These are the third company we’ve had out but the first to work out the problem. They knew exactly what to look for and worked out a solution. Kris was excellent and explained everything. The camera they used was spot on. They are not cheap but you get what you pay for and if you want the problem fixed I highly recommend them.

Kasey Harkus

Rats in our ceiling - resolved AT LAST

Rated 5 out of 5
September 21, 2021

I cannot recommend Pestology enough, they really are the best in the market and you shouldn’t hesitate to get in contact if you are experiencing issues. We’d been experiencing problems for the best part of 3 years, in our the ceiling of our kitchen extension. We’d called out pest control services, but these guys really don’t do anything. Baiting, but not getting to the root of the issue. Lockdown meant that we were spending more time at home, and the scratching, scurrying and smells in our ceiling were really getting us down, coupled with a power outage and the rats having chewed through our electrics in the ceiling we knew we had to do something. Then I came across pestology and couldn’t me more thankful I did. They got to the root of the issue, which was in the drains, with old pipe work left unblocked from when our extension was done, locating their access into the house. The work wasn’t cheap, but it was 100% the best money we have ever spent and I would spend it 10 times over for the peace it’s now given us. Pestology really know what they are doing, understand how rats and drainage systems work. We are now 5 months rat free, and couldn’t be happier. It’s also worth mentioning how great the team are, talking you through everything as they go. Highly recommended. Thank you!!!!

Nikki Dunning

Scratching Issue resolved

Rated 5 out of 5
August 18, 2021

We were troubled by scratching for years in our extension cavity’s. then we got in touch with Pestology last Jan and they done the suggested work and we have had no issues since.Workman brilliant.

Martin Williams

Highly Recommended

Rated 5 out of 5
August 18, 2021

I don’t normally write feedback, but decided this company deserve the effort.
We had had problems with rats under the floorboards of our house for several years, with previous companies we employed happy to simply put poison down, leaving us to deal with dead rats rotting away in inaccessible places. We then had to deal with hordes of huge flies throughout the house. It was truly disgusting.
I only wish we’d called these guys in at the beginning as we’d have saved a lot of time and money. They aren’t the cheapest, but they know their stuff, they quickly assessed the situation and looked at preventing future rodent entry rather than simply putting down poison like the others we called.
They were happy to come out again when we had concerns, and honoured the guarantee they give. Recommend them wholeheartedly

J Cottrell

External Rodent Profing

Rated 5 out of 5
July 26, 2021

Lucas was extremely helpful and professional. He took great care to explain everything and the work was finished to a high standard. 100% satisfied.


Great service, prompt and professional service

Rated 5 out of 5
July 3, 2021

Great service, on time, professional and solved the problem

Mike adams

Excellent job - quick and tidy!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 2, 2021

I had already called a local firm to see if they could help with an ongoing rat problem, but aside from poison they said there was nothing else that could be done. I contacted Pestology for a survey – they identified the issues and carried out the recommended work less than two weeks later. The guys who did the survey / work were excellent – they left everything very tidy. So far so good – no dreaded scratching and gnawing sounds under my floorboards. Thanks Pestology!

Debbie W


Rated 5 out of 5
June 29, 2021

Had an issue with rats accessing my extension ceiling which I had numerous professionals in to deal with. Two visits – first to identify the problem and second to instigate solutions have been effective. Both workmen were brilliant and made sure you understood what they had identified and what needed to be completed. Could not recommend them enough!


Fantastic!! Knowledgable and reassuring

Rated 5 out of 5
May 27, 2021

I’ve had a problem with rats getting under my floor and have tried loads and loads of pest controllers, drain traps, poison etc, all to no avail, as soon as Pestology came in they immediately put my mind at ease that they would be able to solve my problem, the work was done efficiently, they were very clean and tidy but the thing that impressed me the most was the knowledge they have. They know everything there is to know about the pesky rodents, how they get in, where they are going to what they are looking for etc
I’m very happy with the work they have done for me and would highly recommend

Margaret Alliston

The only people we met who solved the cause of our rat problem using hi tech camera surveys of the drains

Rated 5 out of 5
May 24, 2021

Absolutely brilliant at what they do! We had a persistent rat problem for the last few years which local companies could not sort. Gulliver did a site visit and gave a really clear indication of what the problem was. Using colour cameras in our drains he clearly isolated the break in our drains where the rats were entering beneath our property. What a relief! Rat valves were installed and have kept the rats out for the last month. Book Pestology now – they will get to the source of the problem straight away!


Fantastic service - we are finally rat free!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 18, 2021

After 15+ years of dealing with numerous problems because of a bad rat infestation in the foundations of our house, we called Pestology for a survey. The man was extremely knowledgeable and immediately identified the root of the problem – the rats were entering through the sewer pipes. Within 3 days the rat-proofing was completed and after a few days we could no longer hear rats gnawing under our floorboards. Even better, the awful rodent smell had gone. Although Pestology may not be the cheapest company, they are the best. It is worth every penny to finally get rid of the rodents. Over the years we have wasted money on pest-control companies who have not had a clue and simply put poison down. The rats would eat the poison and die under the floorboards. For the next few weeks the smell of a decaying rat almost made us leave home! We cannot recommend Pestology highly enough – if you want a rat problem dealt with, properly, they are the only company you should contact.

Sam Richmond


Rated 5 out of 5
April 1, 2021

What an incredibly organised workforce. I had a major sewage/rat problem which they thoroughly and expertly resolved – identifying and repairing all damage to pipes and sealing off the house so no more problem. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you


RATS in my walls and loft

Rated 5 out of 5
March 5, 2021

I’ve waited nearly a year to post this review as I couldn’t believe that after over 2 years of living with Rats in our walls and loft, spending out over £1000 to another local pest control and drain company that any company could FINALLY get rid of our Rats but PESTOLOGY did ….
PESTOLOGY you are Amazing I have no words to Thank you enough, after over 2 years of hell we finally have our house back ..
Here’s my story ..
Our nightmare began in 2017 when one night we could hear scratching on the ceiling above our bedroom, after a few looks up in the loft my husband saw two large Rats running around!! We looked online and called a local Pest control firm out I had to pay £380 over the phone and was told that covered us until they got rid of our problem !! ..They came they looked in the loft laid two traps told me it was squirrels even though my husband had actually seen the rats !! and left. The problem continued but now we could also hear the rats in the downstairs walls climbing up to the loft we called them back again all they did was lay more poison in the loft after finally admitting it was rats ad not squirrels. Again the problem continued so I called them back a 3rd time was told this would be the last visit and I’d need a Drain survey !! More money another well known local company came out did the survey and we were told nothing was wrong with our drains!!.. That was it unless I paid more money but they had no answers as to how the rats were getting in … So we purchased our own poison our own traps put wire mesh over our soil stacks in the loft lived with the smell in the walls when one died and then the flies that followed until we couldn’t take it anymore..
I trawled the internet for months for people who had the same problem trying to find a solution and I finally came across someone that had used PESTOLOGY for the same problem as us so we called them. From the start we received a very professional service they took the time to listen to our problem they then sent a surveyor to survey the area and to put cameras in our drains.. I then received an extremely detailed report which fully explained what would need be done and the cost involved and photos of their findings … So there it was infront of my eyes a crack in one of the drains with a gap just large enough for them to squeeze through and enter the cavity in the walls.. They arranged for their team to come and insert Rat Blockers in the drains and proof the inside of our house ready for when the Rats needed to ‘Get out’… Normally this is carried out in two separate visits but we wanted it done the same day. Nothing was to much trouble for them they arranged a same day visit and answered all our worries and questions..
Their team arrived and I cannot praise these two guys enough they totally respected our property the proofing indoors was very thorough they were clean and tidy always letting us know what was happening and spending the time to talk to us and explain things.They were there the whole day proofing both inside and out and inserting the drain blockers. The house was left as they had found it. So that was it it was then just a matter of sitting and waiting.Weeks passed NO Scratching in the walls…NO running around in the loft NO Rats getting into the house the only thing we had was a horrific smell in one area of our living room which lasted weeks which we presume is the ones that were nesting under the property. 12 months has now passed and finally we are Rat free thanks to PESTOLOGY.. I literally cannot thank this company enough you are AMAZING !!

Melissa Berrecloth

These guys are simply outstanding

Rated 5 out of 5
March 2, 2021

Pestology claim that there is no problem that they can’t solve when it comes to pest infestation. I believe that this is true.
Having had rodents in the loft and wall cavities, like many others I went the route of purchasing traps etc from the diy store, then calling in the local authority, then other local firms, all to no long term effect.
I could have saved us 18 months of stress by going direct to Pestology. They understand rodent behavior and how to use it in order to exclude them from your premises.
They set out an incremental plan so that you only pay for what’s needed. It isn’t a cheap fix, but it is a fix and having witnessed what was done including some extensive groundworks around an extension, I have to tell you, it was worth it.
Use Pestology, you will not be sorry

Ke Imbar

More than just a short term fix

Rated 5 out of 5
February 15, 2021

These guys don’t put down poison and wait to be recalled when the next generation of rodent moves back in. In doing so they avoid the possibility of secondary poisoning.
That’s what they don’t do. What they can achieve though is a long term solution, particularly if the infestation is showing sign of being indoors.
I can’t recommend them highly enough if you are suffering the stress of having unwanted visitors.


Thorough and Professional

Rated 5 out of 5
February 6, 2021

Pestology were recommended to me by a local company that said they could not deal with rats in my dry lined walls. This was a recurring problem that was previously dealt with by another firm by opening the dry-lined walls and inserting poison – a solution that was fairly short lived and which the company in question wouldn’t return to sort out! Pestology’s survey was thorough as was their approach to the eradication – to deal with all sources of entry without deploying poison. This meant extensive drain works and sealing all potential entries into my house. Works were completed on 13th November 2020 – but after 4 weeks I could still hear rats. Pestology returned at the earliest opportunity after the New Year – and identified further works which were completed on 17th January 2021. and it now seems that this has finally sorted the problem – and we no sounds of scurrying rats for the first time. In the nicest way – I hope this will be the last contact I have to have with Pestology – but they have said if anything does develop to let them know. Good to know that they can be relied upon to stand by their work!

Claire Bunting

Amazing service!!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 29, 2021

We have had Lukus/Łukasz (not sure on his surname) out today and he done an outstanding job!! His work should be highly appreciated and praised!! Very happy with the information and service that he provided us with today!! He has completely rat proofed the house! If ever we have problems again, I’d like this guy to come back!

Chantelle Fermor


Rated 5 out of 5
January 20, 2021

I had rats in my extension loft for 6-7 years. I tried everything to stop them. Stop all holes. Seal them. Stop all entrance routes. Would work temporarily and then they’d run rampant again.
During this time I’ve had 2 dead rats in that roof. The rancid smell is something you’ll never forget.
Called pestology. They examine the exterior and then did a drain survey. They spotted a couple of issues but advised on a one way flap that stops entry into my property through the neighbours drains. After spending hundreds of £ on fixes. I was at the end of my tether and considered selling my house.
I bit the bullet and tried one last roll of the dice and got it installed.
2 1/2 years on not a peep. No rat urine smell. No late night scratching. No sounds of rats moving in the roof space. No more chewed electrical cables! I’m free!! Well worth it and they know what they’re doing.

Amit Karsan

Very professional service

Rated 5 out of 5
January 16, 2021

Great service from pestology to deal with rats in loft and wall cavities – a problem that has been going on for a couple of years. These guys are extremely thorough and focus on dealing with the root cause of the problem (i.e. stopping the rats getting in the first place). The initial survey was very thorough, and any questions dealt with patiently and efficiently. House has been thoroughly rat-proofed and so far no further problems. Pestology really know their stuff – if you have a rat problem, don’t bother with anyone else.


Outstanding in every way!

Rated 5 out of 5
November 23, 2020

Having had an ongoing rat problem in a three storey town house on and off for a few years, we contacted Pestology to finally put an end to it once and for all.
Gulliver arrived bang on time with his survey kit, and spent a good couple of hours sending his cameras into crevices, down drains etc and the results of his detailed survey were very encouraging.
It turns out that “Our” rats were getting into a damaged drain two houses down, climbing up into that house’s loft, then making their way across inside the roof and into our loft.
This tied up exactly with where we were hearing the noises!
A plan of action was agreed, and on the day we were relieved to see the comforting site of Dariusz in his Pestology van pulling up into the drive.
The plan was to strip all the contaminated insulation, then to thoroughly rat-proof the entire loft space to prevent anything further getting in from the other houses.
I must say, Dariusz came in, cracked on and worked like an absolute Trojan! Really nice guy too.
Even though the job took longer than anticipated, Pestology honoured the quoted price and at the end you wouldn’t even know they’d been. Dariusz cleaned up every last wisp of insulation and left the place exactly as he found it. Apart from the fact that we now have no more rats and a lovely clean and sealed loft!
If, like me, you’ve tried various local pest controllers over the years, save yourself the time and money and just go straight to Pestology.
What I’ve probably spent on local ratcatchers to solve the problem short-term on and off would have more than paid for the services of these guys. I wish I’d come here first! Do it right and do it once.
Don’t waste your time and money with anyone else. If you’re within 100 miles of London and you have a pest problem, Pestology are the only guys I would call.
Thank you once again Gulliver, Luke and especially Dariusz!

Graham Hearn

Great job

Rated 5 out of 5
September 15, 2020

Had a recurring problem with loft rats for the last 2 years. Two local firms were only interested in charging hundreds of pounds for putting poison down, and after 3 visits they were gone. When told the rats had returned, both local companies declined further visits. Pestology were completely different. Not only did Pestology ratproof the whole house, but their CCTV investigation revealed the point at which the rat was entering. Thoroughly professional, not cheap – but the best is never cheap! If you want to be rid of the problem, these are the people to call.


Ring Pestology first!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 10, 2020

Pestology saved my life. After hearing scratching in my loft and walls I tried several local pest control companies and a roofer who just waisted my time, money and made the problem worse. I had a fly infestation in my home because they kept putting loads of bait down, none of it controlled.
Then I came across Pestology who took control of the problem. There isn’t anything Gulliver doesn’t know about rodents and how they work. His staff are professional and they care, which is what you want if you are unlucky enough to have such a horrible problem. Don’t bother with the council, they don’t help anymore and Thames water are horrendous, they don’t care either. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without Pestology. They tackle the drains, which is where rats come from.

Carole Pearson


Rated 5 out of 5
July 18, 2020


Jamie Burkin

The solution to your rat problem.

Rated 5 out of 5
May 21, 2020

After discovering we had rats under our floorboards and having used Rentokil who are only interested in laying bait which meant we were killing the rats and they were trapped under the floor and stank the house out – I did some on-line research and stumbled upon Pestology. I cant thank them enough as the work was carried out in Jan 2019 and fingers crossed we are still rat-free. Don’t hesitate to use them as they take the time to find where the rats are coming in from and then spent a full day rat-proofing our house. There was a potential breach in the sewer pipe and also they were coming in via the hose of my tumble drier! Can’t recommend these guys enough!

Mandy Lawn

Fabulous Company

Rated 5 out of 5
April 23, 2020

Phoned Pestology in desperation as it sounded like we had rats above us when we were in the kitchen. I was offered an appointment within days and was very impressed with the thorough assessment and equipment. The guy who carried out our survey was polite, knowledgeable and explained absolutely everything to me in a way that I could follow! We opted for rat proofing internally, externally and had a one way flow valve installed in a drainpipe outside. The work was completed within 2 days and is exceptionally professional as were both workmen. I highly recommend this company. We have not heard anything for a couple of weeks now but know that if we do, Pestology will be on hand. So glad I went with them based on the reviews here!

Alison Delbourgo

Rats in property and loft

Rated 5 out of 5
April 13, 2020

My elderly neighbour had rats in her loft some 18 months ago and used the council and a well known pest control company to sort out the problem but they came back to loft and cavity walls loads of them she was frantic. She found Pestology on google and they came and carried out a full camera survey on her property and looked at my sewer pipe as well as we share a sewer outlet drain. I had a rat valve fitted she had move work than this undertaken within a week of the survey. The quality of the work was excellent really value for money very tidy work the staff are amazing great service no pressurised sales very professional assessment fully explained guys onsite very helpful and no more rats for my neighbour or me. Thank you guys great job.

Carol Pretty

On going rat problem

Rated 5 out of 5
April 6, 2020

We’ve had rats nesting under our houses on and off for 10 years. They do enter the houses at times through piping gaps. We’ve tried various pest controllers and the local councils, they bate, they die and we have to put up with the smell for weeks. We had our drains inspected but not once did any of the ‘experts’ mention putting in a one way flow valve. We have had this valve fitted and had the house rat-proofed so hopefully this problem will be gone. The initial response from management was timely and to the point and the workman were extremely tidy. The one year’s guarantee is a comfort too.

Janice Gadd

Excellent service

Rated 5 out of 5
February 25, 2020

I have been very impressed with the quality of both the written report and the work carried out by Pestology staff. All the work was done promptly and with no mess and although time will tell if the rats have gone for good, I have absolute confidence in Pestology’s methods.


Great service!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 20, 2020

We had rats in the cavities of our walls. I I requested a quote and right from the start the service and explanations was very professional. The survey was thorough and resultant quote detailed with proper photos and explanations. I dealt with Guliver and Luke in the office and they answered all my questions patiently. Greg and Kristian completed the job and extremely friendly and professional. The care and diligence in working in your house was of a very high standard. It has now been 7 days and we have not heard anything again. I can really recommend Pestology! One of the most professional outfits i have dealt with and highly recommend them. (No poison was used)

Trevor McGeer

Outstanding service

Rated 5 out of 5
February 15, 2020

We had a ongoing rodent problem, we done the usual got drains inspected and local pest control in. But we were still getting rodents entering our property. We saw pestology website and I sent an email and had a quick response back from Gulliver and a survey was booked. The survey showed a hole in a shared sewage pipe. So after weeks arguing my case with southern water the repair was done. But we still had rodents! At my wits end we contacted pestology to rat proof our property inside and out. A quick response and the pestology guys completed the work and showed us where the rats were coming in. Living on the Isle of Wight we were relieved that pestology were able to visit us as many companies would not. We cant thank them enough and we would highly recommend them….if anyone has a rodent problem one call pestology… it’s really worth it, as having rats has been the worst experience I have ever encountered.

Selina Chalk

Thank you pestology

Rated 5 out of 5
December 24, 2019

This time last year was hell with scratching sounds in walls which were increasing. One company put poison down and the smell of decaying rats which we could not access as in walls was disgusting. A few weeks later the noises returned. I had been in tears to so many companies who were unable to help. Pestology came and identified a potential problem with our drains. It was not cheap but worth every penny to have been noise free for the last six months. If you are reading this review, you have my sympathy as I know how upsetting a rodent problem is. I would wholeheartedly recommend this professional and expert company.


The best service ever for pest control

Rated 5 out of 5
November 19, 2019

I have a pretty large home and recently we were experiencing a horrible in flux of rodents, mice. Being totally terrified of them, over a course of a few months, I engaged 3 different pest control companies. Not one of them were able to solution the problem, as all they did was place poison in critical positions in my property. As the problem persisted, I researched some more and came across pestology. All I can say is if you have a rodent problem they are the company to engage. Pestology came in and went straight to the source. In my case as the problem was mice, pestology carefully, strategically and professionally, found every point of entrance into my home. They then reinforced these points with their special wire, and in some cases around the property, re plastered the areas. They took 5 days to totally clear, permanently remove the rodent problem. We have completely got rid of the problem, courtesy of pestology. They are a professional team who have expert knowledge of these rodents. I could not be happier they are the best in the business. Thank you Pestology for giving me my home back. In addition, I was handed a detailed report of the work that was carried out!

Jennifer Dyer-Sim
Pestology did internal sealing work in our house. The work was really thorough, and the technician Jacek was very friendly and professional, explaining to us everything he was doing and why.thank you!
Pawel was very professional, polite and thorough when he came to do the work. Really hope that we will not have any more vermin problems. So far so good.
So far so good, we've had problems off and on for years, various people coming in and never tackling the root cause, Pestology came in and went straight for the source of the problem, no baiting or messing around, we had the household name (you know who I'm talking about) and they were frankly useless, save yourself the time and grief and get Pestology in first, not the cheapest but cheaper in the long run and definitely the best value for money fully recommended
Fantastic company. Friendly, efficient, knowledgable, go above and beyond. Do exactly what they say they are going to do. Speedy, polite and excellent customer service. Gulliver always kept us updated, and provided us with in-depth reports and plans of recommendations for future proofing, drain layouts etc. Can't rate this company enough. They excel in long term pest problems, and I would highly recommend.Thank you
We have now been rat-free since 4-5 months, thanks to Pestology's intervention in July. Their approach, which involves applying their excellent knowledge of rat behaviour as well as common access routes into a home, and then identifying and closing off all potential routes by which rats can enter a property, is really the only sensible approach to a rat problem. Calling Gulliver at Pestology was the first and only call we had to make in order to get the problem resolved, touch wood, hopefully permanently.
Having moved into our new build property, on the first night we heard scratching and shuffling in the ceiling void of our bedroom. We engaged a local rat man which wasted four weeks as the problem was beyond his capability. Surfing the internet we found Pestology and engaged them to survey our property. Gulliver attended with cameras and located a dislodged rest bend. He advised other remedial work including repair to lintel bridges and internal sealing of our property. Having engaged his services a team of highly professional, polite, knowledgeable engineers attended within days and began work. Unfortunately the first repair of the drain was unsuccessful and the issue was bigger than first thought. They returned to do further work at no extra cost to us which solved the issue. Their constant patient support and in depth answers to our questions made the situation bearable as we had 100% confidence in their ability to solve the issue. I cannot praise them highly enough. If you ever are unfortunate enough to be in this position, waste no time, engage Pestology and put an end to what is a very traumatic event. After 11 weeks we are now able to enjoy living in our new home. Thank you Gully and team.read more
I highly recommend Pestology. They are very knowledgeable, open and honest. Pawel did the work at my flat. He was punctual, very hard working and did a great job. Luke and Gulliver were also very helpful and answered any questions I had regarding quotes, scheduling and payment. If I have any pest issues in future I will be using Pestology again.
I highly recommend Pestology. They are very knowledgeable, open and honest. Pawel did the work at my flat. He was punctual, very hard working and did a great job. Luke and Gulliver were also very helpful and answered any questions I had regarding quotes, scheduling and payment. If I have any pest issues in future I will be using Pestology again.
We have tried a few pest control companies and most pleased with Pestology. They are straight to the point and have permanent solution. They have done a good job although it didn’t solve the problem at first, but they came back as promised (with one-year guarantee). The level of professionalism is definitely one of the best I’ve seen in UK.
Definitely the best company for this work. We had a rat in our backyard and going into our drain. After another company completely failed us (a very expensive fail), we read about Pestology and reached out to them. They were AMAZING. From the initial response, which was quick and comprehensive, they have been nothing but professional, informative, knowledgeable, and polite. They considered our issue and were very clear about what they would propose doing and what that work could and could not accomplish. They really do come out with camera equipment and are very thorough. Based on what was seen, they advised us of the various options and recommended one of them (which was NOT the most expensive option). They also were able to see something we had not realised - a tree planted by the local counsel near our house had roots which were nearly blocking our drain to the sewer (I saw this live while they were working). So not only did they sort out our rat issue, they explained and fixed why we were seeing some water back ups. Great company, highly recommended.read more
I had a problem with rats entering my lower ground floor garden apartment, I tried several pest control companies with limited success, fortunately I came across Pestology on a Google search, and I found them to be very helpful and extremely professional. I would recommend them as a first call if you have any problems with rats, ask for Krystian to complete the works, he was fantastic, really helpful and did a great job.
Excellent service. Highly rated. Had problems with rats in my loft for a few years. Had other firms camera the drains to no avail. Called in Pestology and things improved no end. The attitude and technical expertise of the personal was excellent.Highly recommend this firm.
Pestology came to see us in Autumn 2018. I left the review a good long while to give their work an excellent test. They were excellent when they originally came, the remedial work was very well done and tidy. And... I haven’t heard any more sounds or smells of rats or mice in the house since. I still have my phobia though, it will take a long time to get over that, the slightest noise when the house creaks or the squirrels or magpies get on the conservatory roof and I panic for a bit in case it’s a rodent. But at least I’m not leaving the light on all night any more.
Thank goodness for Pestology. Gulliver has been an absolute godsend. My husband and I were at our wits' end with a rodent crisis that had lasted over 18 months. The rats were running riot inside our wall cavities, waking us up night after night. An initial local pest control firm insisted on using poison which only led to the rodents dying in our walls, horrendous stenches and even maggots falling through our bathroom air vent at one point. We had some relief when Thames Water closed up a hole in a pipe nearby (which the rats must have been using to get access to our walls from underground). But when the problem started up again, Thames Water couldn’t find any other holes. It was a real mystery. Environmental Health, although very willing to help, were unable to find the source of the problem either. We felt totally helpless. I found Pestology on Google and was utterly impressed with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism right from the very first visit to our home. They carried out multiple thorough investigations with underground cameras and sensors, were always happy to answer plenty of my questions, were great listeners and totally understood what we were dealing with.Gulliver even made several trips to our house before or after his shifts just so that he could do additional checks, or put in place an extra valve in the sewer to keep rodents out. He always had another idea, another strategy to try, and never lost hope. He conceded at one point that we had the most challenging case he had ever come across in his career - but he never gave up on us.Thankfully, his detective work and various rat-proof measures paid off. We have had a silent house for months now and I cannot tell you how happy we are!Thank you Pestology!read more
Well where to start with Pestology!! They are without a shadow of a doubt the best in the pest control business. We had a rat problem under our extension. I’d had two other companies come in and both said they could lay bait and traps and would get rid of them. The problem with that for me was I wanted them gone PERMANENTLY. I did not want to be back to square one three months down the line with more bait etc. I wanted to know how they were getting in and how they could be stopped from coming in!!Gulliver from Pestology came and did an extensive survey of the whole property. He looked at all our drains and water system and everything that lead under the extension and then gave us a clear quote for the work to hopefully the get rid of the problem permanently.Darius and Pavel spent 5 days with me. They pulled up the whole floor to my extension to carry out the work and I have to say they were fantastic. They worked so hard, turned up when they said they would and were respectful both to myself and to my home. They also kept me informed every step of the way as to what they were doing. They knew exactly what they were doing and the outcome we were trying to achieve and I had no concerns at all. After the work was complete they then followed up with two visits over the next two weeks to check that all was well. It’s early days for us but I am as hopeful as I can be that the issue has been sorted and I’m pretty certain that there isn’t another company out there that could have carried out the work Pestology did. These are not your standard Pest Controllers!! Pestology are not the cheapest out there but you get what you pay for and Pestology were worth every penny we paid. Don’t bother looking anywhere else.read more
Well where to start with Pestology!! They are without a shadow of a doubt the best in the pest control business. We had a rat problem under our extension. I’d had two other companies come in and both said they could lay bait and traps and would get rid of them. The problem with that for me was I wanted them gone PERMANENTLY. I did not want to be back to square one three months down the line with more bait etc. I wanted to know how they were getting in and how they could be stopped from coming in!!Gulliver from Pestology came and did an extensive survey of the whole property. He looked at all our drains and water system and everything that lead under the extension and then gave us a clear quote for the work to hopefully the get rid of the problem permanently.Darius and Pavel spent 5 days with me. They pulled up the whole floor to my extension to carry out the work and I have to say they were fantastic. They worked so hard, turned up when they said they would and were respectful both to myself and to my home. They also kept me informed every step of the way as to what they were doing. They knew exactly what they were doing and the outcome we were trying to achieve and I had no concerns at all. After the work was complete they then followed up with two visits over the next two weeks to check that all was well. It’s early days for us but I am as hopeful as I can be that the issue has been sorted and I’m pretty certain that there isn’t another company out there that could have carried out the work Pestology did. These are not your standard Pest Controllers!! Pestology are not the cheapest out there but you get what you pay for and Pestology were worth every penny we paid. Don’t bother looking anywhere else.read more
From the first contact with Pestology I found them very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. They offered advice free of charge without any pressure to commit. The work undertaken was professional and expertly delivered. We have been completely satisfied and so far are rodent free. I would recommend these guys in future
We have had an issue with rats in the cavity walls for over 18 months, and been through several different companies who have all given different views on the cause and entry points. Pestology were the most recent of these, but immediately stood out for the detailed explanation of possible entry points, detailed analysis of the plans of the house and photos of building work and a thorough report. When they came to do the suggested works, the engineer was very helpful, identified additional possibilities and dealt with them and again gave clear explanations of what and why these might work.Very very impressed, and wish we had used them the first time when we first had the problem.
Our rat issue started with an uncapped drain leftover from our ground floor extension. After using all the usual pest and drainage companies, 6 years later we found Pestology who were the ONLY company who were able to solve the problem. The remedial works were big for us and involved liaising with both neighbours as root cause was located on both boundaries. Pestology managed the entire process professionally and swiftly. They were knowledgeable, polite, courteous, clean and tidy and treated our house with respect. This was also extended to our neighbours. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
We wasted time and money on "regular" pest control who could not resolve the underlying cause of our ongoing rat problem. Thames Water were also unable to identify it.We spent months not being able to work out how on earth they were getting in until Pestology's patient, persistent and methodological approach eventually uncovered an issue with our soil stack at the back of the house. After drilling a hole in the stack and sticking a camera down, it was clear that the bend in the clay pipe underneath the patio was significantly broken. Finally! A breakthrough. And an explanation for a damp problem as a bonus.The patio was dug up to excavate the old pipe and put in a new piece. Evidence of burrowing was uncovered. The hole was filled back in, concreted and the paving stones replaced (remarkably, completely unscathed). He even washed our patio afterwards!I'm writing this two weeks later and we hope this has fixed the problem - I suppose only time will tell. This was far from a straightforward diagnosis but all 3 members of staff who visited us were polite, professional, skilled and knowledgeable. If you're pulling your hair out about pests like we were, I would 100% recommend Pestology.read more
After having spent a ridiculous amount of money on 3 local companies in Coventry and the problem of our 'unwanted furry friends' only worsening, my husband and I decided to explore further afield. We came across Pestology in London. We really were at our wits end by this point and were willing to try anything. For an initial nominal fee, Pestology came to our house and assessed the property - they were thorough and they knew their stuff (unlike the other companies we had experienced, who had only placed poison and traps). Although their fee was more than the other companies we had used, they were WORTH EVERY PENNY. They did an incredible job...they came on a Thursday whilst we were still on holiday, we returned the following day on the Friday. To my utter amazement, ALL THE RATS HAD GONE!!!! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY ENOUGH, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE (Like I did)! I have waited almost a year to leave this review as I wanted to make sure that we were clear of the rats. I am still discovering some of the work the company did as part of their service. Every single hole/gap behind sinks/floorboards/doors, however tiny, was taken care of. I can't thank this company enough, they did a fantastic job!read more
Pestology offer a service that deals with the route causes of rat infestation without resorting to ineffective and unsafe poisoning methods. Pestology investigated then explained the issue in our property and repaired the damage to our drain which was where the rats were coming from. We are now free of hearing any scratches and are very pleased with the professional service Pestology provided. I recommend Pestology to solve any rat problem.
They were so professional and said they would be at me at 8am and they were! Very impressive
Not only have we have been very impressed with all Pestology's staff, who are very thorough and hard-working, and a pleasure to deal with, but they appear to have cured all our rat and oppressive sewer smell problems. Having spent a couple of thousand pounds on a cowboy about three years ago which cured nothing, what Pestology have now done seems a bit like magic. Thank you Pestology. You deserve your five stars.
Highly recommend Pestology. Definitely the best experts in this field.
The team are very responsive and worked efficiently and quickly to solve a rat issue that other pest companies had been unable to fix. They address the root cause, rather than looking to just bait and hope the problem goes away. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone struggling with rodents.
Great guys and a great service. We had an issue which was dealt with in a calm and professional way. Highly recommend these guys.
We used Pestology to help rid of a pest problem in our house. We tried two other firms and the council before finding Pestology online. The approach taken in terms of the survey of the problem was a lot more detailed and comprehensive than the other firms we tried and identified a need to block our sewer entry point. That was done and solved the problem. Unfortunately the problem came back but so did Pestology and found another entry point by our drive. Once that was done the problem was gone and hopefully will never come back. The restoration of the drive didn't work well though as the concrete didn't dry properly. Once we alerted Pestology they came back and happily did it again.In summary, having tried a number of firms Pestology was the only firm which could actually fix our issue and they also provided excellent customer service. I would happily recommend them to anyone.P, North West London
I can only say what a pleasure it was working with Pestology right from the initial email. Efficient, Professional and extremely well mannered and courteous staff who know exactly what they are doing. Wish we'd used them years ago and not wasted money on poisons and traps! Many Thanks - Chesham resident.
Quick and efficient service - we had squirrels in the loft, and although their traps didn't catch any, they properly secured the holes in the roof from the outside, involving a day of scaffolding and climbing about on our roof, which none of the other pest companies we had in the past attempted to do. So far so good... we haven't heard any more little feet scratching around above us yet! Very much recommended.
Gulliver has been amazing not only is he very calming in a stressful situation but he really knows his subject. We would not hesitate in recommending Pestology to anyone with rat or mice problems