Rat control Bognor Regis

Money well spent

“Our first night in a new build cottage was disturbed by scratching and shuffling. Thinking it was a bird we did nothing for a couple of days. We then got a local company in who baited. We waited the four week cycle only to find the activity increased. We started surfing the internet and asked Pestology for a survey. This was carried out very quickly by Gulliver, the company owner, who confirmed a dislodged rest bend. He advised repair of the dislodged rest bend, external proofing and internal proofing to both semi detached properties. We had no hesitation in securing their services and a team of engineers arrived within days, all very knowledgeable, polite and professional. To completely cure the situation, Pestology returned and did further work at no extra cost to us. I cannot begin to imagine what life would have been like if Pestology hadn’t acted so quickly to remedy the situation. Their constant support also helped to make it bearable. Eleven weeks after moving into our house we are finally able to start enjoying living here. We wasted four weeks at the beginning of this ordeal. I would recommend anyone with a rat problem not to delay calling Pestology.”

Lindsay Freegard