Rat Control Charlton Kings

Rats in our new build house

“If you have a rat problem – definitely get Pestology in, they will solve it for you.

We moved into a new build house and one year later we had rats in our kitchen!

Tried the usual pest control companies, including Rentokil, who couldn’t manage the problem and kept advising Poison, which we knew, wouldn’t solve the problem permanently. We had 5 drain surveys and although a redundant drain and uncapped drains were found, they weren’t the cause of the problem! We were at our wits end and after a lot of searching on Google; we came across Pestology and so glad we did. Gulliver answered my enquiry very promptly and within a few days they organised a drain and house survey to be carried out. They travelled to Cheltenham to carry out our survey and work was carried out over another two days. However, unfortunately this didn’t solve the issue and Gulliver then came back to further investigate, travelling back and forth from London on a number of occasions to get to the bottom of the problem. We had an unusual drainage system as we were by a stream and our land drainage system was connected to three other houses but Gulliver and his team were able to work it out and diagnose the problem and put in the necessary 2 way rat valves to stop the rats entering our subfloors from the stream. We are really hopeful that this will be the end of the scratching and scurrying around in our kitchen walls and ceiling that we have had to put up with for the past year and a half. The team at Pestology were great. They answered our email enquires very promptly, explaining their course of action, sending updates and photos after each visit and reassuring us along the way. It’s early days but we’re very hopeful. Definitely recommend this company to anyone who has a rat problem. Don’t waste your money on anyone else.”

Jenny Deane