Rat control Epping Forest

Ring Pestology first!

“Pestology saved my life. After hearing scratching in my loft and walls I tried several local pest control companies and a roofer who just waisted my time, money and made the problem worse. I had a fly infestation in my home because they kept putting loads of bait down, none of it controlled.

Then I came across Pestology who took control of the problem. There isn’t anything Gulliver doesn’t know about rodents and how they work. His staff are professional and they care, which is what you want if you are unlucky enough to have such a horrible problem. Don’t bother with the council, they don’t help anymore and Thames water are horrendous, they don’t care either. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without Pestology. They tackle the drains, which is where rats come from.”

Carole Pearson