Rat control Harrow


“I had rats in my extension loft for 6-7 years. I tried everything to stop them. Stop all holes. Seal them. Stop all entrance routes. Would work temporarily and then they’d run rampant again.

During this time I’ve had 2 dead rats in that roof. The rancid smell is something you’ll never forget.

Called pestology. They examine the exterior and then did a drain survey. They spotted a couple of issues but advised on a one way flap that stops entry into my property through the neighbours drains. After spending hundreds of £ on fixes. I was at the end of my tether and considered selling my house.
I bit the bullet and tried one last roll of the dice and got it installed.

2 1/2 years on not a peep. No rat urine smell. No late night scratching. No sounds of rats moving in the roof space. No more chewed electrical cables! I’m free!! Well worth it and they know what they’re doing.”

Amit Karsan