Rat control London

Worth it!!!!!!!!!!

“Gulliver and his Pestology team are the ONLY outfit in town that solve a rodent problem. We had rats under the floor and in the ceiling of our kitchen extension. The council came, Thames Water came, other pest companies came and all any of them wanted to do was address the symptom, not addressing the cause. Laying bait is pointless. Pestology identify the cause and stop the rats getting in, anything else is a waste of time, energy and money. They will just keep coming back as your house offers the shelter they want. Pestology have amazing equipment to conduct their survey and understand what they are looking for and how to fix it. The gentleman that came to do our survey didn’t even need me to tell him where I was hearing the noises, his kit was able to identify the offending openings (uncapped drains beneath the floor). They quickly identified other access points left uncapped during the kitchen extension works carried out before we moved in. When the quote for the works came in, I was shocked, but they were so reassuring we thought “let’s go for it….” because the quotes did come with a guarantee, not like some other cowboys we’d used. They performed what can best be described as keyhole surgery to address the uncapped drains under the building (other companies had advised we needed to rip the floor up!!!), addressed all exterior access points. The added a trap door to one of our operating manholes which would allow the rats access out of our building, but their entrance would be blocked by this and all the other measures taken. The real shock came when they started to address the interior and we found that the critters had been behind our cupboards and chewed through the waste pipe of the dishwasher, which we had no idea of… we just assumed our cat was being his inquisitive self when he hunkered beside it! We were advised that it would take about 10-12 weeks for the rats to fully leave, but after that time we were still on occasion hearing noises. I contacted Gulliver and there was absolutely no quibble, if “if you’re hearing noises, we still have a problem”. The “we” was so nice to hear! He sent someone a day or so later, who located another external access point, by accessing a neighbouring property.

It’s been It’s been almost half a year since they were with us and I’m pretty sure the rats are gone and we are relieved.

We had a huge team (I think I counted 6 vans outside on the day they came to conduct the initial works) and all were diligent, friendly and professional.
As I mentioned, the initial quote seemed a bit pricey. It gets split between external and internal treatment, and I suggest going for both to have the full solution. To be fair, this time we have a result, unlike the other snake-oil salesmen chucking bait down and achieving nothing. When I think about the Pestology cost that achieved results versus the other companies we paid and still had the problem, I wish we’d found Pestology first!! If looked at like that, it is good value good value for money, everything else is a waste of time, stress, energy and money.”

Melanie J Curran