Rat control Luton

Outstanding in every way!

“Having had an ongoing rat problem in a three storey town house on and off for a few years, we contacted Pestology to finally put an end to it once and for all.

Gulliver arrived bang on time with his survey kit, and spent a good couple of hours sending his cameras into crevices, down drains etc and the results of his detailed survey were very encouraging.

It turns out that “Our” rats were getting into a damaged drain two houses down, climbing up into that house’s loft, then making their way across inside the roof and into our loft.

This tied up exactly with where we were hearing the noises!

A plan of action was agreed, and on the day we were relieved to see the comforting site of Dariusz in his Pestology van pulling up into the drive.

The plan was to strip all the contaminated insulation, then to thoroughly rat-proof the entire loft space to prevent anything further getting in from the other houses.

I must say, Dariusz came in, cracked on and worked like an absolute Trojan! Really nice guy too.

Even though the job took longer than anticipated, Pestology honoured the quoted price and at the end you wouldn’t even know they’d been. Dariusz cleaned up every last wisp of insulation and left the place exactly as he found it. Apart from the fact that we now have no more rats and a lovely clean and sealed loft!

If, like me, you’ve tried various local pest controllers over the years, save yourself the time and money and just go straight to Pestology.
What I’ve probably spent on local ratcatchers to solve the problem short-term on and off would have more than paid for the services of these guys. I wish I’d come here first! Do it right and do it once.

Don’t waste your time and money with anyone else. If you’re within 100 miles of London and you have a pest problem, Pestology are the only guys I would call.
Thank you once again Gulliver, Luke and especially Dariusz!”

Graham Hearn