Rat control Watford

Resolution of rats entering our property

“We contacted Pestology to resolve an issue with rodents entering our home. We heard scratching noises and scurrying in our cavity walls and in our loft. We initially hired another company whose only tactic was to lay bait and traps and rat proof the inside of the house so the rats could not enter the inside of our house but they never identified how the rodents were getting in. This led to the problem continuing for approx. 9 – 10 weeks and 3 rats dying in the cavity walls of our property due to the poison leading to a terrible smell in the house for 6 – 7 weeks and an infestation of flies in our kitchen and garage from the dead rats. We then decided to contact Pestology and they came and did a full survey of our house including a CCTV survey of all our drains. They immediately identified the issue which was that the rats were entering our house via a redundant pipe from the sewers and another internal pipe, which had a small crack, and led to our ensuite. They then resolved the issue by capping off the redundant pipe and adding a double serrated stainless stell valve to the other pipe. This immediately resolved all the issues and we have had no further issues since then.”

Marco Stojanovic