Proofing for rats in the roof

Rats in roofs, attics and lofts are probably the most commonly reported occurrence of rat infestation due to the warmth and seclusion offered by the roof void.

Given most people sleep in bedrooms directly below the loft, rats in the ceiling above can cause very unwelcome disturbance at night as well as risking damage to the pipes and cables in the loft.

It is usually easy for rats in roofs, attics and lofts to move between houses and effective rat proofing is usually the only relief from rat infestation if your neighbours aren’t interested in solving things themselves.

Successfully proofing for rats in the roof is much harder than you might think and is very much a rat specialist activity – you have to ensure front and rear façade caps are completely sealed along with all gaps/defects to the fire breaks to prevent the rats getting in to the loft.

You then need to make sure any internal penetrations of the roof void (i.e. internal stacks, CWS tank feeds etc.) are also fully sealed otherwise the rats will sneak in this way too – leave a 10mm gap anywhere in the defences and the system will fail and the rats get in.

Rat proofing needs to be done with stainless steel mesh – forget foam, wire wool and other such rubbish; not only will these readily fail to stop rats but you also risk blocking or interfering with the air flow through the void which is so critical for damp control.

Pestology proof against rats in the roof so you can sleep easy

In our opinion, Pestology is the only company that can successfully proof against rats in the roof.

Others may be cheaper but will fail in their objective and you will often end up paying much more to get the rat proofing done when we could have done it properly in the first place.

Key features to proofing against rats in the roof are as follows:

Incredibly long life span and completely impervious to rats

we collect the rat droppings and carcasses that may be present

we apply QAC disinfectants to the roof void to kill off the harmful bacteria and viruses associated with rat occupation

we provide a 1 year guarantee with these works so you know your rat proofing investment will get rid of the rats

We can also replace the insulation in the loft with new, clean roof insulation as an additional service if you wanted to take the opportunity to do this whilst up there.

We can usually quote for proofing against rats in the roof simply through photos and/or assessment of the roof structure via Google maps. This is because we know how houses are constructed and can see from a photo of your house what type of construction is used. This means there are no additional costs for surveys– please contact us if you require a quote or want to discuss in general

Just to get you an idea of the amount of work involved to do rat proofing properly – the average time taken to complete proofing for rats in the roof take somewhere between 2 to 4 days to finish as it is a very comprehensive exercise and we leave no stone unturned to ensure your loft will be rat free.

Get a quote today for proofing against rats in the roof and sleep easy.

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