Get to know your enemy – the amazing rat

It seems easy for people to dismiss the humble rat as an unworthy adversary – stupid small hairy thing, right?

Far from it is the reality…

Talk to the people that have battled with rat infestations for years – they’ll show nothing but a grudging respect for their constant ability to persist, evade and overcome.

Key to the rats USP is its adaptability and flexibility – it’ll eat pretty much anything, live pretty much anywhere and can do pretty much anything; all with a phenomenal breeding rate that will ensure it capitalises whenever the opportunity arises.

Specialisation is a weakness in a life – it makes a species vulnerable so the rat moved itself to the other end of the spectrum and became the words most incredible all-rounder.

Their intelligence is comparable with dogs – they can learn human habits and then change their behaviour to sync with these habits if they want to achieve something from it.

They have high emotional intelligence – they are aware of their own emotions and those of other rats.

They take care of the sick and injured members of their colony and it has even been proven that they feel regret!

They have been shown to ‘laugh’, ‘chatter’ and get depressed if isolated.

They are naturally curious, fast learners and have a very good memory – they actually make excellent pets!

In terms of keeping them out of your house (and your life), it’s important to realise that they don’t see the world like you or I do – they touch and smell the world instead.

Humans are visionary creatures – rats are olfactory (sensory).

Whereas we ‘see’ the world, rats have a pretty blurry view of it all as their eyes aren’t that well developed – not much point if you’re nocturnal and spend most of your time in the pitch black.

How would you navigate round a photographic dark room? Look for the obstacles? No you would feel your way around and may sense a breeze coming from a door gap or smell the aftershave of somebody else in the room.

This is exactly how rats perceive their environment – they have a very powerful sense of smell and extremely sensitive whiskers that tell them where objects are, whether they are smooth or rough and what size holes are (all instantly).

They can also detect the minutest of wind currents so know where gaps and holes are that otherwise might be impossible to ‘see’.

Think to when you have a pin prick puncture in a bicycle inner tube – you can’t see this hole but if you pass the tube over the hairs on your top lip you can feel it. It’s the same principle for rats.

Not only do they have super senses and developed brains, they also have brawn – these creatures are serious athletes….

Could you run 47 feet per minute for over a mile? Rats can – even with tiny legs!

Could you run at 8 mph? Maybe but try it on four legs only about an inch long!

They can jump 80 cm high or 1.2 metres horizontally – amazing given they have bodies 20cm long.

They have a bite force of 12 tonnes per square inch – great whites have only 2 tonnes!

They can gnaw through aluminium, brick and cement.

They have collapsible rib cages that fold flat like a slinky spring – means they can squeeze through anything their head fits through.

They can tread water for 3 days! They can hold their breath for 3 minutes!

They are excellent swimmers, climbers and burrowers.

They can tight rope walk and fall great distances without getting injured.

This list goes on and on – Google ‘amazing facts about rats’ and re-calibrate your respect for them.

They are every inch a formidable adversary – prepare for failure if you engage them at low level.

You need the Special Forces and intel that only Pestology provide!